Established in 2012 we at MotoDynamics Technology, Malaysia +603-41314435 specialize in DYNO is used for tuning work as well as problem diagnosis.

With the dyno we are able to see exactly how the motorbike is fueling, all the way through the rev range, in every gear, and so it helps us to diagnose a running problem and ascertain if a bike has an electrical or mechanical fault. If it is fueling poorly, due to the carbs needing balancing, worn jets, or simply because someone has fitted an aftermarket race exhaust, we can rectify this by way of a Bazzaz, Tune Boss, Power Commander, etc.

We are the neutral parties in Dyno industry for all street bikes and racing teams. Dyno are affordable to everyone for bike health checks. We provide ONE STOP complete motorbike services, repairs/overhauls, suspensions services/tuning and accessories. We do a great deal of tuning work, to gain more power and torque.

Every motorcycle is different, as they are all just machines, built to acceptable tolerance levels by the manufacturers, and built to satisfy stringent worldwide emissions laws. Although manufacturers build tolerances are good, they are not perfect, and so ten identical bikes will actually put out ten different power outputs, and so we offer a truly bespoke tuning service, to get the most out of your individual bike.

MOTODYNAMICS provide a comprehensive motorcycle engine performance DYNO Tuning & Diagnostic service using our BAZZAZ Lab Principia rolling road facility. Using the most up to date DYNO installed in our air-conditioned and acoustically-insulated facility, our fully trained and certified mechanics can dyno test motorbikes up to 300bhp (upgrade-able).

If you have any questions about our products or service, we invite you to call us immediately at +603-41314435 (En Hadi) and we will be happy to assist you. Once again, thank you for your business.

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Dyno & Tuning Services

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Dyno & Tuning Services